Sits party and Spring’s Grande Finale 12.4.

The coolest party of the year arranged by JAMKO will be celebrated in mythical and legendary atmosphere in the springs grande finale party on April 12th 2018 starting from 10pm! If you can’t wait for that long for the evening to start, JAMKO and HUMAKO have a solution for you: Myths and Legends sits party! The sits party will be held in Bra from 6pm to 10pm. Notice, sits are only in Finnish!

In JAMKO’s springs grande finale party the mythical and legendary creatures battle on a massive gladiator arena! So practice your techniques and balance to the best you can since this night and in this ring; the legends will be born.

This kind of party in unparalleled in Jyväskylä! Come and witness with us when the myths turn into legends or just let go the stress of the academic year and celebrate the lovely summer that’s right behind the corner!

WHAT: JAMKO’s sprigs grande finale and JAMKO’s & HUMAKO’s sits party

WHERE: Kauppakatu 35, Bra2

WHEN: April 12th 2018 / sits party from 6pm to 10pm / the end party starting from 10pm

THEME AND DRESSCODE: overalls / myths and legends in both events

PRICE (SITS PARTY): 18€ with alcohol / 14€ non-alcohol (both include entrance for the end party)

PRICE (END PARTY): JAMKO’s and HUMAKO’s members 2€ in advance, at the door 3€ / others 3€ in advance, at the door 4€


Mon 9.4. klo 11-13 Rajakadun kampus
Tue 10.4. klo11-13 Dynamon kampus
Wed 11.4. klo 11-13 Rajakadun kampus


The tickets for the sits party for JAMKO’s and HUMAKO’s members behind this link: Sitsit tickets from


Where? Bra2
When? Thursday

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