Semester’s opening – The Great Pow Wow

Ugh, new and old students!

JAMKO will open the Academic Year in a Native American style on 10th of September. Follow smoke signals for a picnic to Lutakonpuisto (park of Lutakko) where you’ll be entertained by study field associations, DJ and the legendary first time held KAJ-Rally. Picnic starts at 1 p.m. Bring your picnic blanket and food with you but leave glass bottles home.

From picnic the route will continue to the great canoe trip on m/s Rhea. The ship leaves from Jyväskylä harbour on 7 p.m. and returns on 10 p.m. Tickets to the cruise are sold out.

The fun doesn’t stop after the cruise. Bra serves the thirsty indians from 10 p.m. The night includes competitions with awesome prizes and the dancefloor is going to be full of (rain)dancing indians. The rumour says that even the great Sitting Bull is going to get up and come to party. Tickets only from the door for 4€.

Join one or all of mentioned events. The most important  thing is you show up. You don’t want to miss out this day, since it’s the one everyone is
going to talk for long!

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When? Thursday

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