Finnish parliamentary elections panel & sauna

The parliamentary elections are approaching and so is JAMKO’s last Jolkkari-event of the year on Wednesday 23 November 2022 from 18:00 to 22:00! Come to Kankaan Sauna (kympinkatu 3) to discuss with the parliamentary election candidates, challenge them and enjoy Christmas treats together. Initially, the intention is to ask the candidates questions related to higher education and reasons why, for example, it is good for a student to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

After the panel session, the participants of the event can exchange ideas with each other both on the topic and beyond it. The sauna is also reserved for the evening, where you can go after the panel. Bring your own sauna equipment (including a bathing suit). You are not allowed to bring your own drinks, but you can order sauna drinks from the counter. A small surprise will be drawn among the participants. The event is free for members, but requires the purchase of a free advance ticket to ensure the number of people. Tickets for non-members are 4 euros. Tickets

In the panel

Vihreät – Eemeli Takanen
PS – Arttu Härmälä
SDP – Leena Kautto-Koukka
KESKUSTA – Katri Ruth
KD – Mervi Turunen
KOKOOMUS – Karoliina Saraste

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When? Wednesday

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