Overall Oath Party 2021

Attention new (and older) students!
It is time to accept new overall owners as part of respected Overall people. So dive into your overalls and come to Bra and take the official Overall Oath.
Come and hear what you can do with your overalls on, who you need to respect and how you can help your friend with overalls. Get ready to have fun and get new friends!
The Overall Oath will be sweared at 11pm!

WHAT: Overall Oath Party
WHERE: Bra, Kauppakatu 35
WHEN: Thursday 9th December at 9pm ->
DRESSCODE: Overalls of course!
HOW MUCH: Free entry with overalls from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Without overalls and with overalls after 22 pm. 3€ JAMKO’s members, 4€ others. There will be a limited amount of overall patches at the door, so make sure to be on time!

No pre-tickets in this events! Payment with CARD ONLY.

Be prepared to show a corona pass.

For more information, send email to vpj@jamko.fi

Student fiels association will inform you about overall pick ups!


Where? Bra
When? Thursday

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