JAMKO’s opening of the academic year

The awesome opening event of the academic year is arranged for the new students and for the old once at 8th of September. where you can easily get to know new people, create new connections and have a fun day in an awesome setting. Picnic is taking place in Lutakko park where students shall continue to an inland cruise. After the cruise evening continues in night club’s dancefloor.

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PICNIC From 3pm to 6pm

Come and join for swordplay or take part to a treasure hunt; maybe you’ll be the one who finds pirates’ long-lost treasure…For your inner child there will be a chance to get some paint on your face in our face painting station.

Entertainment will include study field student associations, DJ, different hobby clubs will have their own stands and widely popular KAJ-rally is being organized for the second time. So grab your picnic blanket and snacks, notice that glass bottles aren’t allowed.

Check out the action at the numerous booths of our partners:

Konkurssi | Matkarata | Jio | Jasto |  Korkeakoululiikunta | TROL | IOL | Keski suomalaiset PS nuoret | Vasemmistonuoret | Vihreät nuoret |Keskustanuoret | Keskimaa | Shaker | Tavinsulka + sup laudat | Ready Set Pole | Best Buddies | JES | SPR

CRUISE 7pm to 22 pm

(sold out)

Only 180 students will get on board so be quick because the tickets will be sold in a blink of an eye! You can buy tickets for the cruise from 5th of September onwards and the link will open to the event page in Facecbook and also in here (jamko.fi). Price of the ticket is 13€ (includes free-entry to Bra afterparty + VIP-entrance).


BRA2 opens doors 10 pm. Evening is going to start with some funny games, and the best ones will be rewarded. Rest of the evening will be history 😉


Anything that reminds you of Peter Pan movie is better than fine!

MORE INFO: Facebook event or vapaa-aika@jamko.fi


When? Thursday

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