JYY and JAMKO arranges pre-events a whole week before the 1st of May celebration! All the events are open for all students from university and university of applied sciences no matter what you study! Join us and have fun in lots of different activities from jogging to bowling. The week ends in Kirkkopuisto at 30th of April and picnic at Harju at 1st of May. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/164131604303031/

Monday 23.4.

– Get your overalls in shape!: Sewing the patches @Dynamo
Are your overalls in need of fixing? Do you have huge piles of overall patches in your drawers? No need to worry, join the other students to sew them on your overalls on April 23rd at 18-22 at Dynamo or Ilokivi! JAMKO and JIO will be there for you at Dynamo and JYY at Ilokivi. Please take your own overalls and sewing materials with you, there will be only a few rolls of sewing thread and a couple of needles. There’s also coffee for you!

– Kampus Kino Movie: Näkemiin taivaassa, More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1334745706669200/

Thuseday 24.4.

– Board game Night @Revolution
On Tuesday 24th of April you have a chance to play board games with your friends or with new people! Playing starts in Revolution at 7pm and there’s about three hours of time for playing. JAMKO will bring a few board- and card games but you can also bring your own ones! Your own games are at your own responsibility. JYY and JIO will be there too!

– Kampus Kino: Movie Lady Bird
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/566234610401752/

Wednesday 25.4.

– EduFutura’s #TÄYSKAATO @Hollywood Bowling
On Wednesday 25th of April EduFutura offers an amazing Vappuweek experience to every student; you have a great chance to play billiards, snooker and curling in Hollywood Bowling free of charge at 15-18, there’s also free soda for students at 15-18. The evening continues in Bra2 at 18-21 and Nikke Ankara’s gig at 19pm, free entry! The event is nonalcoholic! JAMKO, JYY, JIO and the communication team of EduFutura are responsible for the event.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1297467817023211/

Thursday 26.4.

– Charity overall cycling or -walk
On Thursday, together with JIO and JYY, JAMKO arranges a charity event in form of overall cycling! We will donate 5€ to SPR for every student taking part in the event. The cycling route will go around Jyväsjärvi (about 13km) and alternatively the walk will go around half of the lake. The dresscode is overalls. The start is at 5pm at Lutakko square next to the Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki.

Friday 27.4.

– Traditional sima and munkki on the campuses!
On Friday it’s time to feast! JAMKO offers you traditional Finnish mead and doughnuts on every campus (Tarvaala, Music campus, Dynamo, main campus) between 11-13 or for as long as there are something left. Come and enjoy some traditional Vappu treats!

– 1st of May flea market 6pm-10pm @Ilokivi
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1516007701844059/

Saturday 28.4.

– Evening for students with families JAMKO Cafe
On Saturday our Vappuweek is still going on! JAMKO arranges activities for children in JAMKO Café at 14-16 where the students with a child can stop by. There will be snacks and something to drink, tools for crafting and some games. For kids and students of all ages! Please note that the main responsibility of the kids lies at the parents!

Sunday 29.4.

– Design market @Ilokivi
More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1842280222472549/

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