Jolkkari: Discussion with the study psyochologists

Jolkkari is an event that inspires student life, the aim of which is to stimulate discussion and support the overall well-being of students. Event is an advocacy opportunity from JAMKO to bring information to students and receive feedback. Jolkkari is held four times a year, two in the spring and two in the fall. The spring events will be organized remotely.

This year’s second Jolkkari is held on 11th of May at 16.30 and the theme is students well-being and mental health services. The topics for discussion include information about when is the right time to go and see a study psychologist, how to recognize exhaustion in yourself and what kind of services JAMK and FSHS have to offer. As our guests we will have JAMKs own study psychologists Heini-Maria and Joonas. 

The event is held on Zoom, the link is here:
Meeting ID: 694 4396 1735
Passcode: 529327

More information you can get from JAMKOs social and educational policy responsibles Tekla and Antti:

Tekla Hahl

Antti Härkönen 


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