JAMKO’s living room: Sustainable development

JAMKO’s living room aka Jolkkari is back! In the first Jolkkari of the year, students can take part in a casual conversation about sustainable development. The discussion themes will follow each participant’s interests.You are warmly welcome to join us in Zoom on Tue Feb 22nd at 5 p.m., where you can meet and discuss with other students who share the same interests! The event is mainly in Finnish, but can be partly translated. JAMKO’s social policy responsible Nilla and sustainability responsible Paula are hosting the discussion.

Zoom-link to the event

The aim is to have later Jolkkari’s as live events.

Jolkkari is an inspirational event for student life, where the aim is to spur conversation about topics that students are interested in.

More information: sopo@jamko.fi


Where? Zoom
When? Tuesday

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