JAMKO’s family May Day

In the middle of May Day celebrations JAMKO has reserved HopLop for students with children on 29.4. at 10-14 o’clock! Come with your whole family to adventure, hunt JAMKO’s hidden treasures and craft your own May Day pom-pom! And if you don’t have children of your own, for example take your godchild! 

Tickets are available now on Kide.app, welcome aboard!

  • What: JAMKO’s family May Day
  • For who: Students with kids (or for a godparent and a godchild!)
  • Where: HopLop Jyväskylä, Sorastajantie 1
  • When: Saturday 29.4. at 10-14 o’clock
  • How much: 10€ / child over 2 years old and 3€ / child under 2 years old, adults for free!

This event is non-alcoholic and unfortunately only a child-like mindset is not a reason to participate in this event. 


Where? HopLop
When? Saturday

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