JAMKO Anniversary Gala

You are invited to celebrate JAMKO’s 24th Anniversary Gala! At the Anniversary celebration we will get to enjoy good food and drink while remembering JAMKO’s past year and people, who have done important work in our JAMKO community. The evening is filled with speeches, singing and fine celebratory atmosphere. So put on your better clothes and come to experience JAMKO’s festivities.

After the Anniversary celebration guests can move to the afterparty to celebrate in a little bit more relaxed manner! 

The content of the event is still subject to change. 


WHAT: JAMKO’s 24th Anniversary Gala

WHERE: Vesilinna

WHEN: 12th of October 2024

TO WHOM: To everybody

HOW: Black tie dress code

TICKETS: Tickets will open up for sale in Kide.app at a later date.


Where? Vesilinna
When? Saturday

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