JAMKO’s 20th Anniversary ball

Due to the current uncertain and rapidly changing situation of COVID-19 our 20th annual celebrations from the original date of 10.10.2020 are postponed. The new date is 21.11.2020.

The JAMKO student union is turning 20 this year and there is a big celebration coming! The annual celebration is a dignified celebration and the purpose is to thank the people involved, partners and associates for the past years work. We also celebrate the existence of the organization and its purpose. At the annual celebration, the dress code is a dark suit.

The festivities will be celebrated on 21.11.2020 at Hotel Verso. Preliminary program includes a cocktail event for invited guests, dinner party, possible afterparty and Sillis.

The morning after the annual celebration is traditionally Silliaamiainen or Sillis. During Sillis we enjoy each other’s company, discuss the previous night’s party, eat and go to sauna. Sillis is a very casual occasion and a great choice for outfit is the student’s uniform overalls.

The program is held mostly in Finnish and partly in English. Registration for the party and more information coming closer to the event.

Questions? vpj@jamko.fi


When? Saturday

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