IC Burger Night

IC Burger Nights are relaxed, internationally oriented events which offer IC quizzes, good company and delicious burger meals in Revolution once a month! The price of the IC burger meal is 7 euros including the starter nachos. There are also other student prized offers available at Revolution. While enjoying your meal you can take part in the IC Quiz individually or in small teams. The theme of the IC Quiz changes monthly.

Tourist attractions and traveling is the theme of the third IC Burger Night! There will be a quiz with prizes for the winning team! After the Burger Night the winning team will be announced on Facebook and the winners can pick up their award from JAMKO office

IC Burger Nights in Revolution are on Jan 28th, Feb 18th, March 18th and April 22nd.

On Jan 28th and April 22nd the nights are held as IC Burger & Party Nights, where the evening starts at Revolution and will continue with an awesome party at Freetime.

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Contact: ic(a)jamko.fi


Where? Revolution
When? Wednesday
Price? Free entry

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