Board info

Student union JAMKO’s board changes every year and once again we are looking for motivated students. Being on the board you have an opportunity to develop JAMKO’s services, organize events, develop tutoring, take care of students’ well-being and ensure that their studies go smoothly. The board has a chairperson, vice chairperson and nine board members, all of whom have their own responsibilities. In addition to the board JAMKO has four amazing staff members working daily.

In the Board info we are going to tell about the activities of the board and what the jobs include. Here’s a great opportunity to ask what you have been thinking and find out which job would be right for you. The info will take place on 3rd of November at 5:30pm and you can join through this Zoom-link.

You can also learn about the board members jobs from their Instagram introductions during weeks 44-46. 

The new board will be selected in the Representatives meeting on Monday 16.11. More info about the meeting coming here.


When? Tuesday

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