Discuss about Grumble weeks feedback

What is the hot topic at your field? Grumble Weeks follow – up events are organized during 25th and 27th April. Follow up events are discussion platforms where the feedback from Grumble Weeks, the well- functioning matters and the issues that need improving in the specific study field is addressed with JAMK’s students and staff. The informal Follow up’s are lead by JAMKO Board member and they are open to everyone. THe discussion are mainly conducted in Finnish but can be partly translated in English if needed.

The Follow Up events according to study fields

Tue 25th of April
klo 10:00-11:15 Technology degrees, Main Campus D148
klo 12:00-13:15 Natural resources degrees, Tarvaala, Tiedontori

Wed 26th of April
klo 12:00-13:15 Social and healthcare degrees, Dynamo D311
klo 12.30 – 13.45. Business degrees, Main Campus B117

Thu 27th of April
klo 10:00-11:15 Hospitality and Management, Main Campus F306
klo 11:30-12:45 ICT, Dynamo, D311
klo 13:00-14:15 Music, The Finnish Music Campus P129

More information: https://www.jamko.fi/en/trusteeship/influence-participate/grumbleweeks/

More on Grumble weeks:
Aleksi Huttunen
Member of the Board, Educational policy

Mari Pynssi
Member of the Board, Social policy

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