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During the corona pandemic, our member service is closed for the time being. Physical student cards cannot be picked up during the emergency situation. However, you can order a student card normally and once you have paid for the card and your membership, you can activate the Pivo digital student card from your own smartphone. More information on the implementation of the digital student card can be found here: https://www.jamko.fi/en/membership-faq/#getpivo

Student card is the membership card of your Student Union and when you order a student card, you join JAMKO. The validity of the student card is indicated with the semester sticker attached to the card.

If you are a new student, you can order the card after you have JAMK UAS student credentials. More information for new students here.

When ordering:

  • Check that you are eligible for a student card. More information on the conditions here.
  • Check that you have a suitable digital photo of yourself to attach to the student card. More info on the photo here.
  • Log on to JAMKO’s webshop via the link below. You can create a new password or sign in with your Facebook account.
  • Select the term of your choice and the payment method. You can use MobilePay or submit your credit/debit card information.
  • After you’ve payed your card and membership, your valid membership will be visible in the Wallet at the section “student card”. Note that this is not your mobile student card and is not valid as such. With this you can collect the card and membership sticker from JAMKO membership service.
  • You will receive a notification via your school e-mail when the card is ready to be collected.
  • You can pick up your student card at the JAMKO membership services location which is mentioned in the notification. Your identity will be checked, so please present a proper identification.
  • After you’ve payed your membership and got the student card and membership sticker, you are able to broaden your membership with the digital student card. Read more

Price and payment

  • The whole academic year: 35€ + the card 5€
  • The fall or the spring semester: 22€ + the card 5€

Joining, ordering the card and payment is done in JAMKO’s webshop with card payment or Mobile Pay. the sticker can be collected from JAMKO’s membership service.

Make the order

You are joining JAMKO for the first time and ordering a student card.




Check whether JAMKO’s advisor has already answered your question at the FAQ-page.

if not,

  • Contact: Advisor of Member and Cashier Services, jasenpalvelu(a)jamko.fi, +358 50 3361 385
  • Visit: The JAMKO office, Rajakatu 35, main campus, F-wing, room FP23. Opening hours