Become a tutor

Stand out in the crowd! Be a tutor!

Do you remember your own great tutors who helped you at the beginning of your studies? Now you have chance to join this amazing group for the academic year 2019-2020!

Student Union JAMKO recruits Peer and Degree Tutors to help the new students of their own study fields and Exchange Tutors to help the incoming exchange students. Tutors are trained during February and March 2019, the real tutoring starts in fall 2019 and continues until spring 2020. What does the tutoring consist of and how can you apply?

The tutor we’re looking for is

  • a student at JAMK
  • motivated into helping other students
  • enthusiastic
  • responsible
  • gets along with all kinds of people
  • a topper (a great person)

Helping new students

What do I do at the Student Services? Where do I get a student card? How do I use Elmo Student Intra? Where is the Student Health Services in Jyväskylä? How about the Police Office? Why should I study at JAMK? The new students and the exchange students’ heads are full of questions that their tutors should know the answer to or at least find out the answer. Tutor trainings in the spring and tutor team meetings throughout the tutoring year support the tutors with their job.

“If you’re keen on helping people, being a tutor of JAMKO is definitely for you!” Marina, Degree Tutor

”I have given tips about course selections and advised in general if a student has had questions about school/studying/student life. Once I even got to help a student with her school assignment!” Heli, Peer Tutor

Sharing one’s own experiences

As a peer guide you get the chance to share your experiences to new students or exchange students about studying and student life. With their own experiences tutors are experts of student life sharing the experiences and helping how to avoid the minefields.


“I have been really happy with having feedback all along the way, not having to do anything “alone” and being able to get help if needed. This getting and giving help goes to my fellow tutors as well.”

Terttu, International Tutor

Study Credits

Tutoring is a 5 ECTS Credits study module which you can apply only via the recruitment organized by JAMKO. The Student Union is responsible for the tutoring study modules. The tutoring course information can be found from JAMK Study Guide’s Course Schedules. In the course information it’s said what are the course contents and learning outcomes.

“I think tutoring is a nice way to get credits and easy way to learn more English, and why not other languages!” Minna, International Tutor

New experiences

JAMKO appreciates its tutors and offers them possibilities to experience things that a regular student can’t. In the popular tutor training camps tutors and JAMKO members spend time together while getting to know each other and learning about the guidance of the new students. Tutors can also do marketing gigs where they advertise JAMK and get to travel around Finland.

“The students from various countries have prepared me delicious meals from their own cuisine. Some students told me about their culture and differences compared to Finnish culture. That will be useful information in the international world.”

Valtteri, International Tutor

New friends

As a tutor you will get to know to all your own study fields the new students or many exchange students as well as over 100 other tutors in JAMK. Thus tutoring offers great networking opportunities and possibilities to make lifelong friends.  

“Making new friends is probably the best part of being a tutor. The fact that I had such an international group of students made it one of the most fascinating experiences in JAMK!” Madina, International Tutor

“Tutoring brings people together and being a tutor means doing your best to just be there and help. My tutorees became friends over the simple fact that they shared a tutor – which was (and still is) me.” Emma, International tutor

How can I get in?

Applying for tutoring opens on 10th of December 2018 by clicking the link below and filling out the application form. All applicants will be interviewed around the end of January and beginning of February at JAMK campuses. Timetable and interview places will be announced when recruitment period has ended via e-mail to all applicants.

Apply here!