JAMKO’s teams participate in many different tasks like event planning and implementation, moderating the event chat and media production.

There are three different teams: well-being, event and media team. Any student who wants to be part of JAMKO’s activity can apply. As a tutor you get tutoring hours to your tutor pass while working on teams.

Team recruitments are held in spring. Applying to teams happens through application form and personal interviews. Students are selected by team responsible, and team sizes are limited: media team max 5 students, well-being and event team max 10 students.

Well-being team

In the Well-Being Team you get to decide about activities which target students well-being. You can plan an exercise challenge, organize an event for sewing characters or gaming. The team is an important assistant to JAMKO in all planning related to student well-being. Everyone in the team gets to work together and come up with solutions as well as better and new event themes.

There are regular meetings and discussions are also held on a common discussion platform.

The well-being team is suitable for a person who is interested in event planning and, above all, promoting the well-being of students.

Media team

Media team plans and produces various media to JAMKO’s mediaproduction projects and is part of creating and recording the history of JAMKO. Photos, videos, sound, overall badges, stream management… team full of tasks to complete.

The core of the multifarious team are the active students, which share the same interest in media production and marketing. You can be a photographer, videographer, streamer or just otherwise intrigued to learn more about the industry and you want to be part of JAMKO.

Media team suits best for a person, who is eager to learn and wants to be part of JAMKO’s media production team.

Event team

The Event Team is an important part of JAMKO and also great help in the event production. In the Event Team we take care of students’ entertainment and amusement, provide students the opportunities to make new friends, party, show their knowledge and compete for the prizes. Well organized events bring great joy to students and provide memorable experiences which last for a lifetime.

The Team will have 4-5 events per semester for which the team is responsible. Work on each event will require at least one meeting and preparation work. Team mebers can be planners, organizers and moderators of the virtual events. Also, after the recruitment, the Team will have 1-2  introduction meetings. 

The work in the Event Team can include: planning of online and physical events, marketing work and creative work. Volunteering on the physical events as organizers, ticket sellers, leaders and moderators. 

If you are interested in meeting new people, learning about student events, organizing parties and developing your skills – Event Team is your choice.