International Club

Internationally flavoured cultural experiences, recreational opportunities, trips and parties are offered by the JAMKO International Club. The JAMKO International Club, or JAMKO IC for short, brings international and Finnish students together to enjoy various recreational activities and supports international students’ trusteeship work.

Events and an international atmosphere

In IC’s Burger Nights, the evening is spent in a relaxed fashion with affordably priced discounts and quizes. IC organizes also events and parties in co-operation with JAMKOs freetime and culture team. The parties are spiced up with themes and awesome program. It’s recommended to dress according to the theme and the best dressed one might win a prize! The events are not only for exchange or international degree students, everyone is welcome to enjoy the international atmosphere and to make new friends from across the globe.

Travel with IC

IC organizes a trip every semester to an interesting location on a student budget. When travelling with IC, you might get to visit the picturesque St. Petersburg or enticing Lapland. Trips are organized in the spring and fall semesters and the number of people that can be accommodated is limited. The trips are popular, so stay tuned and pay attention to JAMKO’s communication channels.

Hop aboard!

IC’s events and trips can be found on the JAMKO event calendar, and from the IC Facebook page. The events are usually free of entrance charge, and the trips are designed with a student budget in mind.

The IC functions are organized by the JAMKO board International Club correspondent, who is aided by a team of students who enjoy an international atmosphere. Be brave, participate in the events or apply to be a part of the team!

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