Students’ Mental Health Day

The students’ mental health day is April 22, 2021. This is a nationwide mental health promotion campaign coordinated by NYYTI ry, the purpose of which is to increase awareness of inclusion and right for help. JAMKO participates in the students’ mental health day campaign on April 12-23. by sharing one theme that supports mental well-being on Instagram every day.

If you wish, you can participate in the campaign by recording thematic mental health activities. Be sure to tag @studentunionjamko and #HelpWorthy

Mental health is a resource that is promoted by taking care of coping and doing the things you like. Students’ access to welfare services has declined significantly over the pandemic. Person’s own worth as a recipient of help is questioned when so many are in need of support. Mental health is an issue that affects us all and any of us can be exposed to its problems. It is therefore important that mental health problems are talked about openly without shame and belittling. Each of us is worthy of help.

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