Additional recruitment of JAMKO board

The student union JAMKO is looking for new Board members to influence the status of students, well-being and quality of education. JAMKO offers perhaps the most memorable year of your life, accumulating not only skills valued in working life, but also lifelong friends and vast networks from a variety of fields. The work is supported by the entire board and the staff of the student union, so you will not be left alone with the job. Tasks do not require prior knowledge, as all tasks are introduced thoroughly. Board work accrues credits and you receive a reward for your work. You are able to participate in English also.

Additional search for three positions is open starting 9th of November!

The positions are Communcations responsible, Educational Policy responsible and Event responsible. Read more about the positions below.

If you are interested in working in the Board, please fill out and submit the attached application form by Nov 19th! The Representative Council will elect the members of the Board at its 3rd meeting on Nov 20th. Attendance at the meeting is not necessary and candidates will be informed of the selection immediately after the meeting.

Apply to JAMKO’s board here

More information: Miina Pirnes, +358 44 3211 600, toiminnanjohtaja(a)

Communications responsible

Do you speak fluent social media and is marketing your forté? The Communications responsible is involved in the implementation of influencing, services and membership communications. In this activity, you will be able to develop the visibility of the student body, the brand and the content of social media, as well as develop yourself as a communicator, strengthen your interaction skills and learn marketing skills. You will gain experience in coordinating communications and in leadership skills as you lead the media team that will support you in your work. You work in co-operation with a communications and trusteeship advisor to promote the visibility of JAMKO’s operations and services.

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Education Policy responsible

Does the idea of ​​better education make you ignite? The responsible for education policy takes care of matters related to the quality and development of education. The education policy responsible is involved in the quality management working group, pedagogical working groups, curriculum working groups. The person in charge of education policy also handles messages from students, which may be related to e.g. unfair treatment or inequality of assessment. Work is being done closely social policy responsible, the chairperson of the board and the trusteeship advisor. We work together with the Grumble Weeks, Jolkkari event, the regional elections and other trusteeship events.

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Event responsible

Are you a people person, whose heart beats for events and organizing fun stuff for other people. The event responsible works in the process team of JAMKO’s services and organizes various events for students together with the other event responsible of the board. Event responsibles take care of the tasks involved in organizing JAMKO’s events, such as brainstorming, planning, marketing and communicating with partners. There are a variety of events from casual parties to sports events and other low-threshold events. You can become part of e.g. JAMKO’s Freshmen Party, Snowday, Detentions and Academic year Kick-off. Event responsibles lead the event team and well-being team, which are recruited every year.

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